Deluxe Party Bus PRICING

Nine times out of ten, when new customers visit our website they are trying to find out information about pricing. Unfortunately we aren't able to list exact prices on our website because they change so often. This is not an arbitrary figure -- it depends on things such as traffic, fuel usage, demand, distance, and other factors. This is why we encourage you to give us a call. Our phone number is at the top of each page of this website. And if you'd rather not call, you can send us an email at the address that's listed below our phone number. Either way, just let us know the approximate date of your party, the approximate number of guests that you expect, and the cities that you plan to travel to. We'll give you an exact price quote immediately over the phone or within 48 hours via email. It's that simple and easy.

Our customers have often commented on how affordable our prices are in comparison to other party bus companies in the area, and they ask us how we do it! There's really no secret to our low prices other than a genuine appreciation for our customers. We know that if we don't artificially inflate our prices, you will come back for more services in the future, and we want you to know that you can rely on us any time of year and in any economy! It's true that we put as much money back into our buses as possible, investing in them with the best maintenance and improvements possible, and that's just another way that we show our customers how much we really care for you.

Some of our customers have a limited budget, and if you find yourself in that category, we'd like you to know that we are more than happy to work within your means. There's no reason to think that you can't have an incredible party on a smaller budget! When you're in a party bus, even if you never step foot off the bus, you know that your evening will still be a massive success. The party bus itself can be the destination, serving as your own private nightclub and VIP room on the road! You've never experienced anything like this before.

Just bring a selection of your favorite drinks, some of your favorite CDs or your iPod to hook up to our high quality audio system, and perhaps some of your favorite DVDs. We might suggest some of your favorite music videos on DVD, or if your event is around the holidays, perhaps some of your favorite Christmas movies! You can theme it out to your own tastes and preferences, and we can even help with the decor if you purchase one of our special travel packages that are designed to save you both time and money!

Of course, we can also work with you if you happen to be one of the few customers who has all the money in the world to spend! And we can spare no expense to make it the best party of your life. Of course, most of our customers fall somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum, and the important thing to know is that no matter where on that spectrum you fall, we will put all our effort into giving you the most amazing travel experience that you have ever had. When you're ready to talk about your budget, just give us a quick phone call!